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3 Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses

a cup of coffee, smartphone, and a notepad with a blank list of 2020 goalsThe new year is here! You’ve likely made personal resolutions, but have you made new year’s resolutions for your small business? You don’t have to make them lofty and unrealistic. You can make them simple but worth doing! Check out these three beneficial new year’s resolutions:

New Year’s Resolution #1 – Charge What You’re Worth

So many small businesses in their first years of life just try to break even. Their mindset is “if I can end the year by breaking even and not being in the hole, I’m doing okay.” We want to challenge you to charge what you’re worth! If you’re not sure what other people in your industry are charging for the same services, simply ask. Do research and determine how much you should be charging so you can start making a profit.

New Year’s Resolution #2 – Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Small business owners have a hard time delegating because their company is their baby! You’ve put countless hours into creating your business. We understand that it’s very difficult to ask someone else to complete tasks that reflect your company. But, if you choose not to delegate, you’ll burn out and your company won’t last as long as it could. Choose a few people you truly trust and start delegating responsibilities.

New Year’s Resolution #3 – Seek Educational Opportunities

When you seek to expand your knowledge and expertise, your small business will thrive! No matter what industry you’re in, you can always benefit from learning more from your trade. You can accomplish this by attending events or conferences, meeting with other small business owners in your industry, researching new ways to accomplish a task, and more.

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