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3 Simple Steps to Improve Customer Experience

a waiter happily provides service for a young couple who appear to be having a nice timeWith the holidays officially here, it’s likely that you’re seeing an influx of shoppers. If you’re wondering how to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers, you’re not alone. Consider these three steps to improve customer experience:

Evaluate Your Company

How does evaluating your company help you reach your target audience? When you evaluate how you run your business, you can make it better. Whether you’ve been in business for 10 days or 10 years, it’s important to hit the reset button. Approach your company as if you’ve never been inside your shop’s doors before or called your phone number to inquire about services.

From there, evaluate how you’re spoken to, the layout of the floor, where things are placed, and (if possible) how services are rendered. Get your team involved! Ask them how to make things better. By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and evaluating your company with fresh eyes, you can create a more appealing customer experience.

Gather Customer Feedback

You can speculate what your customer’s think about your products or services, but that won’t help you improve your customer’s experience. You need to know what they’re thinking and hear directly from them what they’d like to see done differently. A great way to accomplish this is by gaining customer’s email addresses and sending them a short survey after each purchase. (One of the ways you can get a customer’s email address is by offering an emailed receipt of their purchase.)

Keep the survey short and simple but make sure the questions provide important information that can help you strengthen your services or improve your products. When customers know that you are implementing their feedback, they will be more loyal to your company because they feel important.

Rally Your Team

Possibly the most important step of all – but one that cannot be done without the first two steps – is to rally your team! At the end of each week or month, have a team meeting that discusses the surveys you’ve collected, how the team as a whole can be better, and (most importantly) what areas where your team members are excelling.

By encouraging and strengthening your team, their excitement and loyalty will undoubtedly overflow into customer interactions.

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