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4 Steps to Create Your Brand New Website

young woman looking excitedly at her laptop computerHave you been considering a Bespoke website but you’re not sure how to start the process? Don’t worry; it’s incredibly simple. Follow these four steps and you’ll have a brand new website up and running in as little as two weeks:

Step 1: Choose a Website Template

All Bespoke websites are template-based. Don’t let that scare you! A website that is template-based doesn’t lack professionalism or authenticity. It simply means that the template has already been created, and it needs to be customized to accurately reflect your business! We’ve discovered that this is the best way to offer extremely affordable and functional websites. Which template will you choose?

Step 2: Talk to a Bespoke Expert

After you’ve chosen a template, we’ll give you a call to answer any of your questions and get just a few more pieces of information. We’ll need to discuss details like what pages you’ll need and images you’d like on your website. This call won’t take long – we look forward to speaking with you!

Step 3: Submit Your Business Information

Now is the time to send the information, images, links, and files that you want on your website. We’ll send you a secure, private link for you to submit your information. If you have questions during this step, don’t hesitate to .

Step 4: Bespoke Customizes the Template

We may be a little bias, but this is the most exciting part of the whole process! We take your information, wishes, and wants, and transform your chosen template into a new website for your business. Our graphic designers and web developers go to work; you’ll have your website up and running in two weeks from right now.

Are you ready to launch a brand new website? Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions: 888-444-5162.

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