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4 Tips to Maintain Excellent Customer Service

customer serviceBeyond your stunning Bespoke website, you have customers who are excited about your products and services. To keep your clients loyal and coming back for more, you want to give them the best customer service possible! Here are four ways you can maintain excellent customer service to help your business thrive:

Offer Quick Response Time

Did you know that 41% of consumers stated in a survey that being on hold was their biggest frustration? When you are quick to respond to customers, whether that’s over the phone or via email, you are telling them that you value their time and business! Take a few days or a week to monitor how long it takes your team to get back to customers concerning their questions or concerns. From there, set up a strategy to cut that time down as much as possible.

Be Relational

All industries are different, but all have one element in common: people! Whether your company has one employee or hundreds, you are a business that employs people from all walks of life. Your employees likely interact with your customers daily. One way you can stand out from the competition is by encouraging your employees to be relational. Learn your customer’s name, ask questions, or offer information about yourself. This personalizes your company and increases loyalty.

Take Care of Your Employees

Your employees talk and interact with customers daily, and you want them to WOW your customers in such a way that they’ll keep coming back, right? The way you can make sure your employees are equipped to do this is by taking care of them. Invest in your employees by providing staff lunches, sending them to training seminars, offering incentives and bonuses, and listening to their ideas.

Request Feedback

Do you want to know what your customers are thinking about your company? Do you want to hear ways you can improve the customer’s experience? You can find out by asking them for feedback! There are certain elements of a business that employees and owners simply cannot understand because they are “behind the scenes” all the time. The best way to find out how to improve your company is by asking the people who choose you over other companies. Then, go the extra mile and implement their feedback.

One more thing. Your website can make or break your customer’s experience, too. Fortunately, we can help with that! Browse our website templates that will definitely WOW your customers.

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