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FAQs: Bespoke Websites – Billing & Pricing

bespokeHave you been searching for a company to build your website, but you’ve been discouraged by their prices? Many companies charge over $7,000 to build your website. That’s a lot of money for many business owners! Just because you don’t want to spend that much on your website doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations or settle for a DIY website. Fortunately, Bespoke exists to create a beautiful website at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Check out frequently asked questions about Bespoke’s billing and pricing:

How much does a Bespoke website cost?

Bespoke’s setup fees start at $899, and you can choose from any of these stunning templates. The price is adjusted based on the size of your website. After your website is up and running, we charge only $49/month to host your site.

What does the website setup fee include?

When you pay the website setup fee, we will be able to customize your chosen template, as well as add stock images for your website. Don’t panic about the customization time! We promise that within two weeks, you will have a fully operational, mobile-compatible website.

What does the monthly website maintenance fee include?

Your monthly maintenance fee includes hosting the website, URL renewal fees, and security and template updates. Additionally, we want you to have all the tools necessary to help your business thrive! That’s why your maintenance fee will also provide you with all our business growth resources (eBooks, articles, and tips) and offers you discounts on future template purchases.

Is there a contract for Bespoke websites?

At Bespoke, we understand that life happens, and finances can get tight. That’s why we don’t make any of our clients sign a contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will transfer ownership of the URL to you. However, your website will no longer be active and you will lose access to the website files and content, which includes your template.

After reading our blog, you may be wondering, “Is it really that simple?” “Could I really get a website that is so affordable?” We’re happy to say, “Absolutely!” Don’t settle for less than the best and don’t pay more than you need to! Browse our templates today.

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