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How to Choose the Right Color Palette for Your Company’s Brand

In recent blogs, we’ve discovered how your mission statement, vision statement, and value propositions greatly contribute to your overall brand. If you liken your brand to a tree, these elements are the roots! They provide a firm foundation that contribute to the growth of your entire company.

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Take a minute to picture a tree in autumn. You’re likely envisioning colors such as red, orange, green, purple, and yellow. But, what do colors have to do with your company? EVERYTHING. Your brand is comprised of your mission and vision statements, value propositions, logo, and even the color palette you choose. Let’s take a minute to talk about your color palette, as this element can either make or break your brand.

Choosing Your Color Palette

Your color palette further defines who your company is. You’ll use your brand colors in your logo, on print materials, and on your website. When you choose what colors to use, you should consider what message you want to convey to your target audience. For example, the words in parenthesis are the common color associations in Western culture:

  • Black: (fear, secrecy, death, luxury)
  • Blue: (tranquility, peaceful, reliable)
  • Green: (health, power, tranquility, nature)
  • Grey: (sophisticated, neutrality, uncommitted)
  • Orange & yellow: (creativity, invigoration, unique, energy)
  • Purple: (beauty, wisdom, respect)
  • Red: (urgency, excitement, passion)
  • White: (perfection, purity, wedding, clean, virtue)

We suggest limiting your selection of colors to three, as you don’t want to overwhelm your audience. When you choose Bespoke to create your company’s website, you will see your color palette tastefully implemented throughout your site. Our experts will create a stunning website for you, and we’re confident that you and your customers will love it! Browse our templates today, then give us a call with your questions: 888-444-5162.

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