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How to Create Your Mission & Vision Statements

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or your company has been thriving for a few decades, it’s important to create (or reevaluate) your mission and vision statements. Take note, these are two separate statements. They complement each other, but they are completely different. And, it’s vital to have both to help your company thrive. Let’s take a look at the difference between your mission and vision statement:

Your mission statement is a 3-5 sentence statement that describes your company’s goals and competitive advantages—it’s your reason for existing.

Take a few hours, get out of the office, go somewhere quiet, and really think. Why does your company exist? What’s your purpose? What’s your end goal? Write it all down. Write several pages if you need to. After you have exhausted your thoughts, make it concise. Three to five sentences will suffice.

Your vision statement describes how you will accomplish the goals outlined in your mission statement. It’s 5-8, easy to remember words that define what your company strives for and where you see your business going in the future.

It’s incredibly important to outline your goals by writing a mission statement. But determining how you will meet those goals is the next step. That is the essence of your vision statement. In 5-8, easy to remember words, write out your vision statement. If you have employees, get them involved! Give them a copy of the company’s mission statement and encourage them to create the company’s vision statement. This team-building activity can bring your employees closer and fuel their desire to grow the business.

You’ve created your mission and vision statement, now what?

Once you’ve created your mission and vision statements, print it out, hand it to your employees, talk about it weekly, hang it in your office, and let it be the fuel to your business growth. When your employees are reminded why they do what they do, it’ll strengthen their loyalty and passion for the company!

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