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How to Gain New Customers as a Small Business Owner

young female produce stand owner sells a small pumpkin to a customerWith multi-billion-dollar companies that sell everything under the sun seemingly on every corner, how can a small business owner attract new customers? Keep reading to discover four easy steps to gain new customers:

Offer Discounts to First-Time Customers

If a customer has never used your service or bought your product before, she might be hesitant to leave her go-to company to try yours. You can win over an uncertain buyer by offering a discount to first-time customers. This will help her focus on the product more than focusing on how much the product costs.

Network, Network, Network

You could sell a product that even the celebrities on Shark Tank would want to buy, but if you don’t let people know what you have, what good does it do? To get your name out there, go to community events, markets, fairs – anywhere that you can set up a tent and network. If you can, offer free samples of your product to win over a potential customer.

Partner with Other Businesses

Teaming up with other businesses is a great way to gain new customers! For example, if your company specializes in remodeling bathrooms, it’s likely that you’ll encounter a bathroom that has complex plumbing issues. Partner with a plumbing company that will refer you to customers and vice versa.

Create & Maintain Your Online Presence

From social media to your website, your online presence is key to drive people to your store. You can use your online presence to strengthen your brand, offer promotions, gain trust and loyalty, and more.

If you don’t have a stunning, user-friendly website, we would love to help. Bespoke offers template-based websites that are perfect for every industry! Within 2 weeks from your initial phone call, we can have your website built and ready for your customers. Do you have questions? Give us a call: 888-444-5162. One of our friendly team members can guide you through each step … spoiler alert: there’s only 4!

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