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How to Maintain Customer Relationships in the Digital Age

happy business meeting taking place between 2 young women and a young manWhether you sell products online or in a physical shop, it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your clients to increase their loyalty with your company. After a sale, do you have a strategy in place to keep that business relationship thriving? Since they’ve chosen your company and your product before, they’re likely to choose it again, as people are creatures of habit. Here are several ways you can strengthen your customer relationships in the digital age:

Invite them to follow your social media pages.

Thanks to the Internet, you can be everywhere at once! When your customers aren’t shopping at your physical store or via your website, you can keep them updated through social media posts. Simply invite them to follow your social media pages. To keep them engaged, we suggest making a post at least two times every week. (Helpful hint: people are more likely to engage with a post if an image is attached.)

Respond to their reviews, ratings, comments, and messages.

Once they’re following your pages, it’s likely that they will review or rate your products and services. With every review, respond to their comments – positive or negative! If it’s positive, thank them for their kind words. If it’s negative, ask them how you can fix the problem. The same principle can be implemented for comments and messages. Always respond to your customers, as it shows great customer service.

Follow-up with your customers.

Don’t let this tip overwhelm you! Before you reach for your phone to personally call every single one of your customers, head to your computer instead. A simple survey or email asking your customer about their recent purchase is a great way to follow up with your customers. This shows that you care and want to continue the customer relationship.

Offer customer loyalty discounts.

Once upon a time, businesses had punch cards and when a customer would buy a product, they would get a hole punch in their customer card. In today’s digital age, many businesses have an app that can track buying history and more. When a customer reaches a certain number, they receive a free item! This is a great way to reward your customer for their loyalty.

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