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How to Write a Great About Us Page for Your Company

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Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written About Us page. It can invite your reader into your story and make your customer want to choose you over your competition. Consider these three suggestions as you write your company’s About Us page:

1. Tell Your Company’s Story

Your About Us page provides an opportunity for you to get personal with your potential customer. Tell the reader why you started your company, how you faced the same exact problem they’re facing now, and how you found the solution. Use details! Your company’s About Us page can make them feel like they know you… as if they were part of your journey the whole time.

2. Address the Problem & Solution

Beyond your story, you need to address your customer’s problem and how you plan to provide the solution. This way, if your customer’s first interaction with your company is through your About Us page, then she will know right away what solution you offer. (Tip – use internal links so the reader can easily navigate your website to discover the product or service you offer to combat her problem.)

3. Include Your Commitment to Your Customers

After informing your reader what your story is, what problem you faced, and how you overcame it, tell her your company’s commitment to your customers. Every moment of your journey thus far has led to this moment where you can meet the needs of your customers. Tell them what they can expect from your company.

About Us Page Recap

Are you ready to write?! Let’s do a quick recap of how you can create a great About Us page for your company:

  1. Who started [company name]? When?
  2. What problem did he face?
  3. What solution did he find?
  4. How can you help your customer?

Your About Us page provides a personal touch to a professional business! If your company needs a new website at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bespoke today.

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