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How to Write a Great Email

Young business woman working on laptopAccording to a recent study performed by The Radicati Group, Inc., 296 billion emails are sent every day. With millions of emails racing across our networks, it’s important that your email is read and responded to! Discover how to write a great email and avoid getting buried in someone’s inbox:

Make Use of the Subject Line

An email’s subject line is often overlooked, but it’s instrumental in grabbing your reader’s attention! Your subject line should be detailed and accurately portray what the email entails. This can help the reader know if it’s an urgent read and what the email will discuss.

Include All Necessary Details

There’s a fine line between too much and too little information. If you’re emailing an employee about a task or a customer about their order, make sure to include all necessary details. Keep it short and sweet, but don’t leave out any important information.

Request Feedback

Creating a line of open communication is great for a business’ longevity! From customers to employees, everyone should know that you are open to answering questions and hearing their opinions. At the end of the email, you can simply ask, “what are your thoughts?” or “do you have any questions?” This helps spur conversation and clarify anything that is misunderstood.

Sign Off

Most people end their emails with their name, but you can do more! End your email with your name, position at the company, company name, and website URL. By including your URL, you are giving your customer an easy way to visit your website directly from your email. That blue link at the bottom of your email is the gateway for your customer to browse your products or services, request more information, and make purchases!

When they visit your website, do they see a stunning site that exudes professionalism? If not, we can help. Simply browse our templates today and call us with any questions you may have: 888-444-5162.

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