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Reflect on 2019: 3 Questions to Ask About Your Business

2 restaurant co-owners high-five eachother in front of their open signThere are only a handful of days left in 2019. It’s time to reflect on the year and plan ahead! Reflection is important so you can fix unnecessary mistakes, but also so you can see how much you accomplished. As you set aside a few hours (or days) to reflect, ask yourself these questions:

In what ways did my business thrive?

Did you know? Roughly 30% of new businesses fail in the first two years of being open, according to the Small Business Association. So, if you’ve made it to year three, you’re winning in more ways than one!

It’s important to focus on your successes and what you did right this past year. You can take those accomplishments and implement them into the oncoming year. “Don’t fix what’s not broken” is a true and wise saying. Plus, it’s beneficial to focus on the positive and your accomplishments.

How can I improve?

Although it’s not necessarily fun to think about mistakes or what didn’t work well, it’s a vital part of growth. When you’re planning for 2020, look back on the year and write down what failed and how you want to improve. Determine whether you need to eliminate the issue altogether or if you need to fix it. Setting goals is the best way to keep yourself accountable and see results.

What do my employees think?

Feedback from your employees can be incredibly beneficial! You may have a business that requires you to be out of the office often, meeting with leads, or scouting out new inventory or services. That means your customers likely interact with your employees more than you, and that’s okay! It’s important to ask your employees how to improve your products, services, and the overall customer experience. This will help them feel important and valued.

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