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How You Can Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

social mediaSocial media transformed the art of referrals. Print material and word-of-mouth used to be the two most effective referral sources. But, when social media made its debut, the world became so much more interconnected. Now, businesses all over the world are using it to boost their success and increase access to their target audience! Here are three simple ways to drive traffic to your website through social media:

Post Often

Have you ever visited a company’s social media page and saw that their last post was from two years ago? Or maybe you saw that the business posts once a month and doesn’t bother to respond to comments. Both scenarios can damage a company’s reputation and cause the customer to lose trust. When you set up your social media account, set aside time in your schedule to post valuable information.

(Did you know? Google now considers a business’ social media presence when ranking them on its search engine results!)

Post with Purpose

Before you schedule posts for every day of the week, make sure what you’re putting on your social media page is valuable to your customers. You want to maintain your online presence by posting often, but you want to make sure that all your posts offer something to your customers. At the end of each post, add a link to your website so they can continue their investigation or shop your products!

Post About Your Products & Services

Are you hosting a giveaway or running a special on one of your services? Post about it on social media! Make sure to add an eye-catching image to your post so customers stop scrolling through their newsfeed and read the content. In your description, you can include information about the product or service and, of course, a link to your website to learn more!

When your customers click on the link to visit your website, what do they see? Do they see a stunning website that’s captivating yet functional? If not, you need to check out our website templates. In as little as two weeks, we can create a stunning and useful website for your business.

Contact us with your questions about social media.

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