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Understanding Hashtags & How to Use Them Effectively

hand holds a sign with a hashtag on the signIn 2007, the pound sign received a new job title and role: #hashtags. The Internet buzzed with excitement and people were using hashtags in seemingly every sentence. Now, hashtags are still used daily, but they have a more refined purpose. Keep reading to find out a hashtag’s purpose and how to use them effectively:

A Hashtag’s Purpose

The hashtag is placed in front of a word or group of words that represent what the social media post entails. This essentially groups the topic together so inquisitive minds can find more information on a specific topic. So, how do you use hashtags effectively? Here’s a little insight:

How to Effectively Use Hashtags

Before going hashtag crazy, remember that there is a rhyme and reason for these little characters. Hashtags can either hurt or help your post perform well. So, consider the following tips to allow a hashtag to work in your favor:

  • Keep your hashtag short. We recommend one to two words, so your hashtag is easy to read. When you start hashtagging an entire sentence, people get annoyed and stop reading.
  • Limit how many hashtags are in each post. The number of hashtags you use depends on your social media platform. For Instagram, use 10 or less; for Facebook and Twitter, use two or less; and for Pinterest, use 20 or less.
  • Be specific with your hashtags. We encourage you to put specific hashtags in your posts to gain traction. If you’re a chiropractor, using broad hashtags like “#chiropractic” may go unnoticed. But, if you use specific hashtags like “#occiput”, your content will likely be seen when someone searches that term.

We believe that a strong social media presence, coupled with a professional and innovative website, is key to effectively market your business! Contact us with your questions about website development.

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