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Understanding SEO & How You Can Maximize Your Reach

hands holding a smartphone and a pencil, with Google's homepage on the phone screenWhen you want to find something on the Internet, you likely open a browser such as Google or Bing and type in a question. The search engine delivers thousands of related articles, but you only click on several from the first page. Rarely does anyone look past the second page of results.

Have you ever wondered how to increase your ranking on a search engine to appear on the first page of results? We’re here to tell you all about it. Let us introduce you to search engine optimization (SEO).

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

At its most basic level, SEO increases your website’s rankings on search engines. When you strategically place SEO keywords and keyphrases throughout your content, Google’s spiderbots will pick up on these words when a user searches them.

But, how do you know which words people are searching for the most? There are plenty of keyword tools such as Keyword Planner that you can use to see what words are searched for the most, what level of competition there is, and more. You can even enter a location to truly get accurate search results for that specific keyword in your area. We recommend focusing on one keyword or keyphrase per page.

How You Can Maximize Your SEO Reach

Implementing your SEO keywords is important, but it’s not a one and done task. Search engines consider how often your website is updated with fresh content. Don’t panic! We don’t recommend re-writing your website content each month. We simply want to encourage you to write fresh and informative blogs and post them to your website. Here are some helpful tips to remember as you write your blogs:

  • Add an image to attract the reader.
  • Choose a catchy title.
  • Insert calls-to-action to entice the reader to call, click, or visit.
  • Make sure your blog is over 300 words.
  • Place your keyword or keyphrase in your blog.
  • Use bullet points and headers to break up content.
  • Write informative, useful information.

Another way to maximize your SEO reach is by allowing Bespoke to create your website for you. All Bespoke websites are built to Google’s SEO standards. If you choose us to create your website, we will build your SEO foundation! Now, all you need to do is maintain it.

Click here to browse our templates, then contact us with your questions!

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