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What To Do During Slow Business Times

a graphic depicting a woman asleep at her computerIn the wake of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, you have likely heard of several consumer-centric businesses that suffered due to the health threat… or maybe your business is suffering! During slow seasons, there are steps you can take to help your business stay afloat. Consider these tips:

Continue Marketing Your Company

It’s tempting to decrease your marketing budget when you’re having trouble finding work or attracting customers to your shop. But, you need to continue marketing to let them know you’re still in business! A few marketing suggestions include:

  • Create a Google ads or Facebook ads campaign
  • Do a giveaway
  • Post on your social media pages
  • Send an eNewsletter
  • Update your website’s blog

Address the Issue at Hand

Your business is still operating, and you need to let your customers know that! If there is a global threat, like COVID-19, make sure to address what measures you are taking to keep your customers safe. Write out on all your marketing channels (listed above). This will reassure them that you care about their safety! If you don’t address the issue, it may seem like you are indifferent or unaware of the situation.

Promote Your Products & Services

If you can, mark down your products and services by offering a promotional deal. This will help you gain business! You only need to offer it for a period of time so customers will start buying your products and services again. Tip – market your promotion to get people’s attention!

Purchase a Bespoke Website

A Bespoke website will get your customer’s attention! A stunning website doesn’t have to come at a high price, either. We pride ourselves with offering affordable, functional websites to our customers. On a Bespoke website, you can upload blogs, pictures, content, and more to catch your visitor’s eye.

Browse our templates today, then give us a call with your questions: 888-444-5162.

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