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What You Can Do to Improve Your Website’s SEO

improve-website-seoYou just bought a pet monkey that isn’t house broken, so you need to find a monkey trainer—and fast. Where do you look first? If you’re like most 21st century Internet users, you probably type “pet monkey trainer” into Google and click on one of the first links you see. If you like the information you find on the trainer’s website, you might use his or her services.

Our hypothetical example shows why being at the top of a Google search result has its advantages: more people will purchase your products or services if they can find you easily and quickly. So, how can you be more like the monkey trainer and ensure that your business appears on the first page of Google search results?

Custom websites from Bespoke give you the necessary SEO (search engine optimization) foundation, but a foundation without a home is no home at all. So, make sure your website has these three important components:

  1. Informative, keyword-conscious content
  2. Photos
  3. A blog

How to Write Informative & Keyword-Conscious Content

The algorithms created by Google and other search engines have a goal: give customers content that is relevant to their searches. In order to do that, search engines try to think like people. What do people want? They want well-written content that answers their questions.

So, the first practice that improves your SEO is writing good content. Good content is enlightening, well-written, grammatically correct, and long enough to fully explore a topic. Google suggests writing at least 300 words per page on your website.

But how will people find your content? By typing a keyword into Google. Your content should contain the keywords your customers might use to search for your services. Think like your customers—what words would you use to search for your business online? If you’re an attorney who specializes in corporate law, the phrases “business lawyer,” “corporate lawyer,” or “lawyer for my business” might be good choices.

If you want to be more data-driven, consider keyword research. Free resources like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Yoast Google Suggest Expander, or Google Trends will help you determine which keywords are popular.

How to Incorporate Photos on Your Website

Remember, thinking about your customer is as important as thinking about the search engines when it comes to improving SEO. Few people enjoy reading webpages with no photos, illustrations, infographics, or other forms of visual media, so wherever possible you should try to include at least one relevant image on each page of your website.

Free resources like Canva will help you make eye-catching graphics using stock photos.

How to Use a Blog to Improve SEO

Search engines love blogs because blogs can be a source of new and interesting information that Internet users look for. Writing a regular blog as part of your business website is one of the best ways to improve your SEO, because:

  1. Blogs give you more opportunities to write intriguing, keyword-focused content
  2. You can include photos, videos, and other visual media in your blog posts
  3. People will visit your site more when they expect new content
  4. Blogs establish you as a leader in your industry
  5. Blogs make it easier to build outside links to your site, which Google uses as an indicator of how trustworthy your website is

To up your blog game even more, learn how to write the perfect blog post.

Showing up on page one of a Google search result doesn’t happen overnight. SEO is hard work, and you need to make a conscious effort to consistently optimize your site. But as more people find and purchase your products or services, the effort will be worth it in the long run.

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